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Install Citrix Receiver/Workspace
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Install Citrix Receiver


Browse to the Citrix install website here 

Choose the link for "Citrix Workspace app ## for Windows"


Click on "Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows"


Install Receiver/Workspace using the downloaded file. You can use defaults throughout the installation.

You may be prompted by Windows to allow the app to run select Yes


When the installer begins click Start


Check the box to "Accept the license agreement" and then select Install


Once done, you’re given two options: Add Account or Finish, choose Finish


Now you can open any browser and navigate to the Citrix site that you use.


Logging in using the website

** Note: Receiver/Workspace must still be installed to launch the Citrix desktop, even when using web browsers.

Some customers have their own dedicated Citrix websites, below are the main published sites for Citrix access. or if you use multi-factor with Duo. or if you use multi-factor with Duo.

Login using your normal username and password you use day to day, then click the monitor-screen icon to launch your desktop. 


If you’re using it in Internet explorer, it may ask you to Run or Save a file called Launch.ica. Please run this file to launch the Citrix desktop.

If you're using Chrome it may display a drop down to Open Citrix Receiver/Workspace, click on Open



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