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Install Citrix Receiver/Workspace

Install Citrix Receiver


Browse to the Citrix install website here 

Install Receiver using the downloaded file. You can use defaults throughout the installation.


If prompted, check the box that says "I Agree with the Citrix license agreement" then click on "Install"


Once done, you’re given two options: Add Account or Finish.

Choose Add Account if you intend to log in through the Citrix application. Otherwise, choose Finish and follow the instructions towards the bottom of this page to log in through the standard webpage.


Adding your Account to the App

Using the Add Account feature makes it so that you can log into Workplace directly, without having to use any web browsers. This is particularly useful on the newest versions of Windows.

This doesn’t need to be done during the initial installation. If you’re on version 4.5 or above, this can be done at any time just by launching the Citrix Receiver/Workspace program. The instructions are the same regardless of if you do this at the time of installation or not.


When you launch the program, you’ll be presented with a box requesting your work email or server address. We’ll be using Server address.


If you use the Green login, enter: or if you use multi-factor with Duo.

If you use the Red login, enter: or if you use multi-factor with Duo.

Click the “add” button and you’ll be presented with a login box. Enter your normal login credentials and click Log On.


The program will verify your account and will re-launch.  Your Citrix desktop icon should be in the center, and you can click on that to launch your Citrix desktop.


If the icon is not in the center, click the + button on the left-hand side.

Then click ‘All Applications’ at the top and choose your Citrix desktop server. It should be the only option available, with the exception of a  ‘Help’ icon.  The ‘Help’ Icon can be used to submit support requests or find answers to common issues in our knowledge base articles.


Logging in using the website

If you do not wish to use the Citrix Receiver/Workspace program to launch the Citrix desktop directly, you can still log in using the websites provided.

** Note: Receiver/Workspace must still be installed to launch the Citrix desktop, even when using web browsers.

Once Receiver is installed, you can go to the following website to log into your Citrix desktop.


If you use the Green login, use: or if you use multi-factor with Duo.

If you use the Red login, use: if you use multi-factor with Duo.

Login using your user credentials for your Citrix desktop, then click the monitor-screen icon to launch your session.  If you’re using it in Internet explorer, it may ask you to Run or Save a file called Launch.ica. Please run this file to launch the Citrix desktop.


Find answers to your questions in our knowledge base on our website

Technical support is available by emailing or submit a ticket online

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