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Access Files on the Local Computer from the Citrix Desktop
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Access Files on the Local Computer from the Citrix Desktop

Your Citrix desktop may allow you to have either read or read/write access to your local devices (depending upon your Organizations IT security policy). Here are steps to access files on your local computer's hard drive, optical disks, or thumb drives.


  1. From Inside of the Citrix desktop.  Click on the Windows Start Button and click on Computer.
  2. You will see your common network drives (G, Q, U, etc)
  3. Below those drives, you will see another set of drives under the Other category.  These will frequently include your CD/DVD DriveLocal Disk C: drive, and any other drive letters you have available on your local computer.
  4. When you double click on one of these for the first time, the system may prompt you regarding if you want to allow Read and Write, Read Only, or No Access to the local device.
  5. Note that if you do not see this option, you can change this setting by clicking on the black connection bar at the top of the screen, then click on Preferences, and select the option for File Access.
  6. You should be able to change this setting on any given computer that you connect from, unless your organization has a security policy that prohibits such access.
  7. You should be able to save and move files freely between the Citrix desktop drives and your local computer drives if you wish to do so.  Keep in mind, Virsage backs up your files inside the Citrix desktop only.


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