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Citrix Receiver/Workspace App on Windows
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Citrix Receiver/Worspace App on Windows

As an alternative to launching your Citrix Desktop through the website portal you can set-up Citrix up to launch through the Citrix Receiver/Workspace application. You will first need to make sure you have Citrix Receiver/Workspace installed by clicking the following link to download it: Citrix Receiver/Workspace Installer


Download the latest version for your computer’s operation system and follow the prompts to install. At the end of the installation, it may ask you for an email address or server.


Launching your Citrix desktop through Citrix Receiver:

If Citrix Receiver is already installed and up to date, you can launch the program by finding it on your Start Menu. You can also find if by opening the Start Menu and type “Citrix” and find the program in the search resulted listed as shown here.


After launching the application, the Add Account dialogue will appear.

Enter the URL you would typically use to log in and click Add.

Customers that typically use or will use their respective URL.


Customers that typically use or will use their respective URL.


You will then be prompted for your credentials. Use the username and password you would typically use to log in to WorkPlace. Then you’ll be asked to choose and Account. Select WorkPlace.


Next you will see the Citrix application screen. In most cases it will automatically have your Citrix desktop shortcut displayed. If it does not show up on the Favorites page you can click on the Desktop tab at the top center of the application window Going forward, this icon will be in the center of that application screen and launch from there or mark it as a favorite. If you favorite the desktop it will show up on the favorite screen for you next time.



Alternately, if you don’t want to launch Workplace through Receiver/Workspace, you can continue to go through a web browser.




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