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Virsage Password Self-Service:  Password Reset
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Virsage Password Self-Service:  Password Reset


Please bookmark this webpage on your local computer for the Virsage Password Self-Service so that you can use it in the future to reset your Virsage password.


NOTE:  If you have multiple email addresses that use different domains, this will ONLY reset your password for your primary email account.


Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] if you require any assistance.

***You must be enrolled first before you can reset your Citrix desktop/Email password***


Enroll your account:

  • If you are using a Citrix Desktop- Logout of the Citrix desktop.  (Start  Logoff)  or click on the black bar at the top of your Citrix desktop screen and click on the “CTL+ ALT+ DEL”  button and select “Sign Out”
  • From your local computer- Open your web browser (ex. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, FireFox) and go to
  • Click on User Registration. Login using your Virsage/Email login credentials:


  • Follow through the wizard of creating new security questions by clicking the ‘click here’ button.


  • From the drop down menus, choose two questions and setup answers as this will be used to reset/or unlock your account later if necessary;


  • Once this is complete, you are now registered to reset your own Citrix/email password or unlock your Citrix/email account if it is locked out due to a password issue.


To Change your Citrix/Email Password when you are reminded to reset it

(Must be registered with an account first)

If you are prompted in Citrix or are notified via email from that your password needs to be changed and will expire soon you need to log into your account first, then choose reset password.

Go to:

Login with your current login credentials

You will be taken straight to the Change Password Tab.

Enter your current Citrix/Email password.

Enter your new password twice and ensure it meets the requirements.

Select Change Password.

Now you can log into Citrix and Email with your new password.



To Reset your Citrix/Email Password when you forget

(Must be registered with an account first)

If you have forgotten your password please follow these steps.


  • Click on “Reset password”
  • Type in your Citrix/Email login credentials

**Your Username here should be exactly the same as the one you use to log in to the Virsage Citrix desktop (If you have one)** 

  • Answer the two security questions and the captcha code then click ‘continue’


  • Setup your new password

(Your new password must meet all of the listed requirements)


  • Your password is now reset for the Virsage /Email


***After changing your password for the Virsage Desktop and email you may need to re-enter your new password in a few places and select “remember settings” (or similar options) in order for your new password to be remembered by some applications/programs/Smart Devices/Mobile Phones***


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