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Using Gestures in Citrix Receiver/Workspace on Apple Devices
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Using Gestures in Citrix Receiver on Apple Devices 

Learning Gestures

In your Citrix Receiver applications, use all the familiar iPad gestures, including the toolbar options.


From the toolbar, tap Gestures or use this guide:

To do this: On the device, do this:

Start an app

Tap the icon.

For some apps, you might have to double tap.

Start a second app

From the toolbar, tap Home and select the second app.

Right click

Touch, hold, and release.

Add an app to your Receiver home screen

From the Apps list, tap the plus sign (+) to add it to the favorites.

Refresh the list of Receiver apps

From the Apps list, drag your finger down the list and release.

Remove an app from your Receiver home screen

Touch and hold any icon until they all jiggle, and then tap the X. Tap the screen again to save the screen. Alternatively, use the right-click menu option.

Switch between running apps

From the toolbar, tap Switch, or use the two-finger tap. Alternatively, from your home screen, tap Connections.

Open the keyboard

From the toolbar, tap Keyboard, or use the three-finger tap.


From the toolbar, tap Arrow Keys, or with the document size at 100% (not expanded or reduced), tap the page once and drag your finger up to scroll down.

Alternatively, tap a location on the vertical scroll bar (this method is not precise).

Note: Some Apple applications require 2 fingers to scroll.

Tap more precisely

From the toolbar, tap Pointer to show a mouse pointer on the screen and track it with your finger. In addition, tap Magnifier (plus Pointer) to zoom into an area of the screen as you track your finger over the surface. Tap these features again to disable them.

Exit Receiver

Close your running apps.

If not on your Receiver home screen, from the toolbar, tap Home. In the Apps view, tap the plus sign (+) and tap Log Off.

If apps are still running, when prompted, select Log off to force the apps to close.

Exit Receiver, but keep apps available for smooth roaming.

Leave your apps running.

If not on your Receiver home page, from the toolbar, tap Home. Then tap the Apps list and tap Log Off.

When prompted, select Disconnect.

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