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June 2020 - Social Media Privacy

**Social Media Privacy** [Facebook][1][Twitter][2][LinkedIn][3] **Overview** ![][4] Most people would never consider walking into a crowded room and loudly broadcasting to total strangers all the details of their private life—from their health issues to their family and friends’ names, ages, jobs, or school locati…

July 2020 - Password Managers

**Password Managers** **Overview** One of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself is to use a unique, strong password for each of your accounts and apps. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to remember all of the different passwords. In addition, we know it’s time-consuming to constantly have to …

May 2020 - Digital Spring Cleaning

**Digital Spring Cleaning** [Facebook][1][Twitter][2][LinkedIn][3] **Overview** ![][4]![][5] Most of us are so looking forward to spring! The landscape starts to take shape, flowers start to bloom, and, for many, there’s a desire to spring clean. While it might be easy to see the need to purge and tidy up, realizi…

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