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March 2021 – Identity Theft

**March 2021 – Tips from Virsage: Identity Theft** [Facebook][1][Twitter][2][LinkedIn][3] **What is Identity Theft?** Identity theft happens when a criminal steals information about you and uses that information to commit fraud, such as requesting unemployment benefits, tax refunds, or a new loan or credit card in …

February 2021 – I’m Hacked, Now What

![][1] **February 2021 – Tips from Virsage: I’m Hacked, Now What** **Have I Been Hacked?** No matter how secure you are, sooner or later you may have an accident and become hacked. Below are clues you might have been hacked and if so, what to do. **Your Online Accounts** * Family or friends say they are receivi…

January 2021 – Prevent Cyberattacks from Phishing Emails

![][1] **January 2021 – Tips from Virsage: Prevent Cyberattacks from Phishing Emails** 60% of Organizations Are Hit by Cyberattacks Spread by Their Own Employees The "unwitting participant" appears to be alive and well, based on new data from security vendor Mimecast. With employees being the source of attack surfa…

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