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Azure AD Password Reset Instructions
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Azure AD Password Reset Instructions



If your password is expired, you can access to update/make a new password. If you do not know your password, then you will have to use the Forgot Password option at the portal Sign In page or the Reset Password prompt that is now available on the Windows 10 logon screen.

Reset Password via the Web Portal:

  • In any web browser go to
  • Sign in with current username and password
  • At the home page, click the cogwheel at the top right and select “Change your password”. Follow the prompts on the page to complete updating password.




Reset Password on Windows Desktop:

  • This can be done by using the key combination of control-alt-delete on your Windows Desktop, then select Change Password


  • Enter old password along with the new password twice and select okay



Password Self-Service enrollment:

                NOTE: Not all customers may have this feature enabled

  • You may be required to setup account security recovery options (such as security questions, or SMS number) to use the Forgot Password option for account password resets.
  • To Enroll:
    • Login to the Office 365 Portal by visiting
    • At login you will be prompted to add additional contact information to your account.
    • Complete the prompts to configure your account for password self-service.



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