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Virsage Password Self-Service:  Password Reset
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Please bookmark this webpage on your local computer for the Virsage Password Self-Service so that you can use it in the future to reset your Virsage password.


NOTE:  If you have multiple email addresses that use different domains, this will ONLY reset your password for your primary email account.


Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] if you require any assistance.

***You must be enrolled first before you can reset your Citrix desktop/Email password***


Enroll for an account:

  • If you are using a Citrix Desktop- Logout of the Citrix desktop.  (Start  Logoff)  or click on the black bar at the top of your Citrix desktop screen and click on the “CTL+ ALT+ DEL”  button and select “Sign Out”



  • Click on User Registration. Login using your Virsage/Email login credentials:


  • Follow through the wizard of creating new security questions by clicking the ‘click here’ button.


  • From the pulldown menus, choose two questions and setup answers as this will be used to reset/or unlock your account later if necessary;


  • Once this is complete, you are now registered to reset your own Virsage /email password or unlock your Virsage /email account if it is locked out due to a password issue.



To Reset your Virsage/Email Password 

(Must be registered with an account first)



  • Click on “Reset password”


  • Type in your Virsage /Email login credentials

**Your Username here should be exactly the same as the one you use to log in to the Virsage Citrix desktop (If you have one)** 

  • Answer the two security questions and the captcha code then click ‘continue’


  • Setup your new password

(Your new password must meet all of the listed requirements)


  • Your password is now reset for the Virsage /Email

**After changing your password for the Virsage Desktop and email you may need to re-enter your new password in a few places and select “remember settings” (or similar options) in order for your new password to be remembered by some applications/programs.



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