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Create a Meeting in Outlook on the Web: Fields and Instructions
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  1. To create a meeting in Outlook on the Web, click “+ New” in the Calendar view page.
  2. Then enter a title in the “Event” line.
  3. Then enter the location in the “Location” line.
  4. Optionally, click “Search in Bing” when adding a location to add a map point.
  5. To add a room, if supported by your organization, click “Add room” and then choose a room from the list.
  6. To choose the meeting attendees, enter names or email addresses into the “Attendees” line.
  7. When entering attendees, any matches in your Contact list appear under the line.
  8. When they appear, you can click a name to add them to the list.
  9. Alternatively, to choose meeting attendees, click the “+” at the end of the “Attendees” line to open your Contact list.
  10. Then click the “+” next to a name to add them to the “Attendees” list.
  11. Then click “OK” to return to the event creation pane and add the selected contacts.
  12. Choose a “Start” date and time from the dropdowns shown.
  13. Then choose the “Duration” for the meeting from that dropdown.
  14. To set your availability status during the meeting, select an option from the “Show as” dropdown.
  15. To set a meeting reminder, select an option from the “Reminder” dropdown.
  16. If using multiple calendars, select the calendar within which you want to create the meeting from the “Calendar” dropdown.
  17. To create a recurring meeting, select a recurrence schedule from the “Repeat” dropdown list.
  18. DO NOT check the “Mark as private” checkbox!
  19. To create an online meeting, click the “Online meeting settings” link and follow the onscreen instructions.
  20. Leave the “Request responses” checkbox checked to receive notifications when an attendee accepts or declines the meeting request.
  21. Enter a description or meeting goals for the meeting in the large text box provided.
  22. Click “Send” to send the meeting requests and create a meeting in Outlook on the Web.
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