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Email Encryption in O365
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Email Encryption

  1. If the sender enters the words ‘encrypted’ or ‘encrypt’ into the email's line, then the message is encrypted when sent to the recipient.
  2. If the message contains a Social Security Number (SSN) or Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number, the message will be encrypted when sent to the recipient.


What will the recipient see:

Recipients do not receive the encrypted emails within their inboxes. Instead, they will receive an email with a link that allows them to read the email on a webpage hosted within the customer's Office 365 tenant. 

The recipient will receive a message like this:



When the recipient launched the attachment, they will be redirected to a page like this:



Which redirects them to a login page:


If the recipient uses the single-use code, it expires after 15 minutes, and they will need to go through the above chain again to request another single-use code.  This does require extra steps for the recipient in order to provide this encryption service. 

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