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Internet Connectivity - Comcast Outage- 12:20pm MT 11/6/17
Posted by Andrea Montgomery on 06 November 2017 12:55 PM
Internet Connectivity - Comcast Outage- 12:20pm MT 11/6/17

UPDATE:   Our network Engineering team has confirmed that the current performance issues that are impacting the Virsage services are directly related to a nationwide Comcast problem that is currently being worked on by Comcast.  The impact extends beyond the Virsage services as it is impacted by the Internet service provided by Comcast- this means it is impacting the Virsage data center as well as your local offices with Comcast services.  Services that may experience slowness include the following:  Virsage Citrix desktop, website access, internet browsing, VoIP phone quality and service, remote access to servers/services.  Any services accessed via the Comcast (Xfinity/Level3) network will likely be impacted and may be slow or unusable due to this Comcast outage.

This issue is wide-spread across the country for customers using Comcast/Xfinity/Level3 as their internet service provider, or using the Comcast network backbone for internet connectivity.  If your company has a secondary internet service provider, we would recommend switching to that secondary internet service provider as a temporary measure while Comcast works to resolve this issue.  If you would like assistance with switching to an existing secondary ISP, please open a ticket with Virsage and we would be happy to assist.  We will continue to provide updates as they become available to us from Comcast.


If you would like to track this Comcast outage, information can be found here.


Thank you for your patience.  

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