Updating QuickBooks Company Files to new Versions of QuickBooks
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Updating QuickBooks Company Files after a QuickBooks Upgrade

New QuickBooks Version Installed (Action Required)

If a new version of QuickBooks has been installed in your Citrix desktop, there may be few steps that you need to complete in order to finalize this process.


Update your QuickBooks company files

All your QuickBooks data is stored in one or more QuickBooks company files. Typically, our customers store these files on the Q drive, but there are exceptions. Only you know where your QuickBooks company files are stored.

You will need to update all your QuickBooks company files to work with your new version of QuickBooks. Once updated, these files cannot be accessed by your previous version of QuickBooks. To update your company files, do the following:


  1. Open your new version of QuickBooks. You should find this in your Start Menu under “All Programs.”
  2. From the File menu chose “Open or Restore Company.”
  3. Click “Open a company file,” then click Next.
  4. Browse to your company file and click Open. (Again, most of our customers store these files in the Q Drive.)
  5. If the “Move Company File” window appears, follow the instructions shown.
  6. Read the info in “Update Company File for New Version” pane. Click the box to signify you understand, then click “Update Now.”
  7. Follow the instructions on how to back up your file. Note where you put it.
  8. When the message, “You are about to open a company file using a newer version of QuickBooks… Do you want to continue?” appears, click Yes.

Don’t forget to do the above steps for all your company files. Hold onto any backup files you create through the above process until you are sure you won’t need them anymore.


Remove your Old version of QuickBooks

After you have finished updating your QuickBooks files, you will no longer be able to use your old QuickBooks application(s) to access these files. It is a good idea to remove old software you are not using. When you are ready, we recommend that you uninstall your old version of QuickBooks. You can do this yourself using your superuser account or you can schedule another maintenance with us to remove the old software.

Here are some reasons we recommend removing not only old versions of QuickBooks, but any old software you are no longer using:

  • Old software can take up valuable disk space. Remember that you are billed for excess disk space you use in the Citrix environment.
  • Some software can run background processes that run whether you are using it or not. For this reason, you should remove any unused software to ensure you are getting the best Citrix desktop experience possible.
  • The existence of old software can create confusion for you and your co-workers. It’s easy to lose track of what version of any software you should be using when there are multiple versions installed. The old version of QuickBooks should be removed to prevent anyone from accidentally opening and attempting to use the wrong version.



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