Exporting/Importing Chrome Bookmarks
Posted by Andrea Montgomery, Last modified by Raffaele Lilge on 08 May 2017 10:43 AM

Exporting/Importing Bookmarks in Chrome

Open Chrome, then click the Options button (the little three lines in the top-right corner).

Hover over “Bookmarks” and choose “Bookmark Manager.” This will open a new tab.


Click Organize (top left) and choose the bottom option “Export Bookmarks to HTML file.”

This will ask you to save a file (save the file to your Documents folder or personal U: drive).


To re-import those bookmarks, follow the same directions and choose “Import Bookmarks from HTML file” instead.  Navigate to the folder or drive where you saved the HTML file and open it.

If you are importing bookmarks from your local desktop into the Citrix Desktop you will have to save the exported file to a location you can access from the Citrix Desktop. One of easiest places to fave the file is to C:\.

Once inside your Citrix Desktop follow the import instructions but when you browse you will have to find the drive labeled "Local Disk (C: " and select the file saved there. 


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*Updated 05/08/17

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