ShareFile User Guide
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ShareFile User Guide


ShareFile has been chosen as the platform to facilitate file sharing and collaboration both internally and externally.  ShareFile is similar in functionality to other consumer type offerings such as DropBox and adds commercial features that allow detailed security settings.

ShareFile can be used to easily share files/folders in the following scenarios:

  1. Vendors and Customers
  2. Company Employees in other locations/countries
  3. Access files securely from remote/mobile devices


Sending and Managing files

When you login to ShareFile you will have three main locations for sharing files and folders.

File Box – temporary files that you are looking to share or access remotely.  Items that are added to the File Box are automatically expire and are deleted after 30 days.

My Files & Folders – files that you do not want to share with other employees.  These files can be accessed remotely and from mobile devices and can be shared with external users.  These files do not automatically expire and are not automatically deleted. 

Shared Folders – files that will be accessed across the organization as well as externally.  These files do not automatically expire and are not automatically deleted.


To get more information and help, visit the following links:

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Find answers to your questions in our knowledge base on our website 

Technical support is available by emailing or submit a ticket online


*Updated 2/1/17

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